Hello to all NSEF supporters:

We are sending this email to see if anyone is interested in attending the Health Care Rally, march and closing of the Causeway on November 16th.  The information is below and buses are provided for transportation but some might chose to bring their own vehicle and people with them.  This rally is to voice concern over the closing of our hospitals and having no plan in place to replace them.  The Equalization and Health Care funding situations are closely connected so the NSEF has been asked to attend this rally and support Cape Bretoners in general.  We will have our NSEF protest signs with us for our members but the rally focus is on Health Care and it is a great chance to have a show of force as Cape Breton continues to fight the Nova Scotia Provincial Government for the neglect we face on this island.  All board members will be attending and we hope you can join us. Please call 902 304 4626 (Lisa) to arrange a spot on the bus and leave a message if there is no answer and she will get back to you.

The second reason for us contacting you today is to see if any of you would be interested in joining the growing list of volunteers who are a very important part of the NSEF Call Center.  We need more people to join this important part of the NSEF Network as election time (Federal) is less than a year away and the NSEF Call Center will be informing Cape Bretoners about alternative choices available at that time for better representation.  If our 2 Federal MP’s are not going to speak up in Ottawa about the crime the Nova Scotia Government is committing against us, then we need to see change and better representation on the Federal Level.  The Call Center is growing but more are needed.  When active, we would need our volunteers to make between 20 and 30 calls a day from the comfort of their homes and all information will be provided by the NSEF.  Please consider joining this important part of the NSEF and help Cape Breton receive the proper funding that the Constitution states we are entitled to receive.  We simply cannot allow Halifax to keep the funding that the Canadian Tax Payers are providing for us any further or Cape Breton will DIE!!!! Please email the Call Center at nsefcallcenter@gmail.com if you are able to help.

Below is the information that you need for November 16th protest to Randy Delorey’s office in Antigonish and the Canso Causeway march. Hope to see you there.



7am – Passenger Pickup – St. Michael’s Church Parking Lot, Union Highway, New Waterford (15mins)

7:35am – Passenger Pickup – Mayflower Mall parking lot (15mins)

8:10am – Passenger Pickup – Sobeys Keltic Dr. Parking lot (15mins)

8:45am – 915am – Passenger Pickup – Emera Centre North Sydney.

All buses will converge here for a common departure at 9:15am. We ask anyone driving their own vehicles to meet us here as well. Something to identify your vehicle as part of the motorcade will be provided to you at this location.

10am- Passenger Pickup – Tim Hortons Shore Rd  Baddeck

10:30am – 20 minute rest stop, at Tim Horton’s/Irving in Whycocomagh.

10:50am – Departure from Tim Horton’s

11:25am – 11:30am – Arrival at Canso Causeway. Buses  unload. Buses line up along with vehicles for motorcade/march.

11:45am – March across/protest begins (30 mins – 1hr)

12:40pm –Passengers reload onto buses. (10minutes)

12:50pm – Depart Causeway.

1:25pm – Arrival at Health Ministers Constituency Office (Antigonish). Buses unload and park. Protest/rally begins (2hrs).

3:30pm – Buses return and passengers take their seats. (10 mins)

3:40pm – Depart Antigonish.

4:50pm – Rest stop at Tim Horton’s/Irving in Whycocomagh.(20mins)

6:20pm – Passenger drop off Emera Centre North Sydney.

6:40pm – Passenger drop off Sobeys Keltic Drive

7:10pm – Passenger drop off Mayflower Mall.

7:30pm – Passenger drop off St. Michael’s Church Parking Lot, Union Highway, New Waterford.

All times are estimates and could change. We recommend registered passengers arrive at least 10 minutes early at pickup locations. Each bus will have a designated organizer on board to assist passengers, answer questions and provide information as needed.


The NSEF is fighting to save Cape Breton Island from economic ruin.  Ottawa is providing almost $2 billion dollars per year to help us but the Provincial Government is not providing the funds to us or to the rest of rural Nova Scotia.  5 towns have dissolved now and many more have applied.  We need to stand together and fight this battle against our own government to ensure we survive.  Cape Breton Island is one of the most beautiful places on the planet and we have much going for us but we need to take control of our own destiny and soon or we will die.  Please join the NSEF by clicking the “get involved” tab and join our fight….


The Nova Scotia Government will receive $1.838 billion this year in the form of an equalization payment from Ottawa.  Halifax, as a city, does not qualify for any of these funds due to their low taxes, low unemployment, infrastructure growth, population growth, etc.  The provincial capital will pass out only $32 million to all the towns and municipalities combined from the $1.838 billion and keep the rest in the general revenue.  They will keep $1.806 billion in funds that the Constitution Act of 1982 states should reach the areas of the province that need it to build infrastructure, lower taxes, create jobs, etc. etc.

Five towns were recently forced to dissolve in Nova Scotia with the latest fatality being the Town of Canso, a four hundred year old town.  Cape Breton Island has a population of over 134,000 with CBRM being its economic center and we receive $15 million in Equalization per year and this figure should be around $246 million.  PEI has about 10,000 more residents than Cape Breton and they receive $419 million in Equalization.

The provincial government in Halifax is keeping all the provinces money.  It is time to stand up against this crime and tell our provincial government that we will not tolerate this any further.  The NSEF have been fighting this situation for over 17 years now and have contacted every level of government possible both federally and provincially but no one will help.  This is a direct violation of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms and goes against the Constitution of Canada.

It is time to protest to save our Island! We, the people of Cape Breton, will have to do what we are paying our politicians currently to do. Halifax is the fastest growing city in Canada while CBRM now has one of the highest child poverty rates in the country.   Please click on the “Click here to get involved” tab above to help us fight this battle against our own government and save our most beautiful island.  Thank you for your support.


The Nova Scotians for Equalization Fairness

Note:  The NSEF is in no way associated with any political party.  All parties have been in power and have done nothing to help our situation.